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Hello Pena boxing members! It's that time once again we work as a team to raise money for the club. I'm putting together a ring crew for tomorrow at 8pm at the RecPlex in West Des Moines to set up the ring. The flyer has been posted on the club page. GYM WILL BE CLOSED TOMORROW! All members helping put up and take down the ring will get in for free and pay 1/2 for their gym fee next month. No little kids. Parents can help for their kid! Let me know! Coach Peña🥊

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GYM will be closed tomorrow Friday the 19th. See you all on Monday! Sure hope I get a good report! 😎🥊

Friday the 12

Tonight GYM hours are from 4:30-6:30pm. Adult group can come in early😎


I could help after 9pm if you would still need help.

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i can do that, regardless If you guys need help I’ll do what I can, I’m just on the phone with my kid from 8-9

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