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Attention ALL!!!

Gym will be CLOSED TOMORROW Friday the 28th. We have club boxers competing in Western Nebraska this weekend and we leave in the morning!

I will be taking orders for gloves on Monday! So, if your wanting your own pair let me know Monday. Gym fees are due Monday Aug 7th! This is NOT a free gym. If not paid by then you won’t be able to train. If you need to set up a plan get with me. I will take half up front and half during the middle of the month.🥊😎

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Gym fees are due TODAY or the next time you come in. Coach!


The gym will go back to 4:30-6:00pm on Fridays. Adult class is welcome to come in at 4:30pm. If you miss this message and show up late that’s too bad! I’ve always said to check my page, club page and

Gym dues!

Gym fees are due by Monday March 5th! Thanks Coach Peña

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