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Gym time for tonight is 4:30pm-6:00pm due to heat advisory. For those of you that haven’t gotten onto the clubs website to make a profile you will not receive a message through that App! I’ve told you all more then once. If you show up as I’m closing that’s tough luck! Whenever there’s a weather advisory pay attention to the App or FB!

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GYM will be closed today! I have to work Overtime at work! COACH KIKO and HERNANDEZ are busy! See you on Monday!

I will have tickets at the gym for the TV Raffle! 1-$5 or 5-$20 give back by helping the gym selling them. If everyone sell 10-5-$20 we will do a great job fundraising with the TV. See coach tonight

We will have a short meeting tonight at 5:30! Parents who drop off kids come into the gym. This meeting is for parents/adults members and boxers. See you at 5:30!

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