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Gym time for tonight is 4:30pm-6:00pm due to heat advisory. For those of you that haven’t gotten onto the clubs website to make a profile you will not receive a message through that App! I’ve told you all more then once. If you show up as I’m closing that’s tough luck! Whenever there’s a weather advisory pay attention to the App or FB!

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Boxing Club Fiesta

Hello parents and Adult members. We are hosting a Fiesta on June 29 from Noon-6pm at Ewing Park 5300 Indianola Ave . We will supply the Walking Tacos, Nacho Supremes, Nachos and water. We are asking f

Fees are due NOW!

We are half way through the month and there’s still some adults and parents (youth) that owe gym fees. Get them paid up! I need volunteers for the Miracle League June 29th at 8:30. Our Club Fiesta is

Event June 29

The event page was made and posted on the Facebook boxing club page. Go follow Peña’s Boxing Des Moines and RSVP if you are going. Keep up with the event as well.


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